Trumeter APM-AMP-ANN LCD Digital Ammeter 4-Digits

Trumeter APM-AMP-ANN LCD Digital Ammeter 4-Digits


(จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน)


Siemens 7KT1120 Digital Ammeter 3-Digits AC


Trumeter APM-AMP-ANO LCD Digital Ammeter 4-Digits

Trumeter APM-AMP-ANN LCD Digital Ammeter 4-Digits

ผู้ผลิต: Trumeter
รหัสสินค้า: APM-AMP-ANN
สถานะสต๊อก: จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน
ราคา 4,150.00 (THB)

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

APM Digital AMP Meter

The Trumeter APM is the most visible, easy to use, multi-format, programmable panel meter on the market.

The APM Digital AMP meter features a 5A direct current measuring input that is suitable for use with current transformers up to 1000 A. It features a programmable bar graph scale that allows both minimum and maximum values to be set, enabling you to allow for the scale you require. The set-points on the AMP meter are alarmed, making it easy to know when critical point has been reached. The meters display can be programmed to change colour, flash, change annunciator message or have a combination of all three, depending on your needs.

The digital meter can also be easily programmed to trip when values exceed, are lower than, are between or are outside set-points.

Features and Benefits

 - Large 4-digit LCD Display

 - 40 Segment bar graph display

 - Separate starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information

 - Dynamic backlight colour- user adjustable brightness and colour• Wide viewing angle

 - 1% accuracy

 - 5A direct input

 - Custom annunciators

 - Minimum & maximum value display range

 - 2 Independent alarm set-points

 - 2 Independent outputs (output models only)

 - 4-20 mA analogue monitor output (output models only)

 - USB port to connect to PC for custom user settings

 - IP65 protection

คุณสมบัติ / Specifications

 - Current Type AC, DC

 - Cutout Height 68mm

 - Cutout Width 68mm

 - Display Type LCD

 - Number of Digits 4

 - Analogue Effect Simulated Analogue Display

 - Depth 53mm

 - Meter Accuracy 1 %

 - Minimum Temperature -10°C

 - Maximum Temperature +60°C

 - Minimum Measurement 0 A

 - Measurement Range 0 → 5A

 - Series APM-AMP


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