ABB 1SVR740020R0200 Multi Function Timer Relay 0.05s → 300h

ABB 1SVR740020R0200 Multi Function Timer Relay 0.05s → 300h


(จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน)


ABB 1SVR740010R3200 Multi Function Timer Relay 0.05s → 300h


ABB 1SVR740020R3100 Multi Function Timer Relay 0.05s → 300h

ABB 1SVR740020R0200 Multi Function Timer Relay 0.05s → 300h

ผู้ผลิต: ABB
รหัสสินค้า: 1SVR740020R0200
สถานะสต๊อก: จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน
ราคา 5,550.00 (THB)

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

CT-MVS Series Multifunctional Timers

The CT-MVS Series is a set of multifunctional electronic timers from the CT-S range. They provide 5, 10 or 11 timing functions and 10 or 10 (x2) time ranges which are possible between all models within the series. All electronic timers from the CT-S range are available with two different terminal versions. You can choose between the proven screw connection technology (double - chamber cage connection terminals) and the completely tool - free Easy Connect Technology (push-in terminals). This is denoted by either a "P" or "S" at the end of the manufacturer's part number.

 - Timing functions: ON-delay, OFF-delay with auxiliary voltage, Impulse-ON, Impulse-OFF with auxiliary voltage, Symmetrical ON- and OFF-delay, Flasher starting with ON or OFF, Star-delta change-over with impulse, Pulse former, Accumulative ON-delay, ON/OFF-function

 - 10 time ranges (0.05 s → 300 h)

 - Control input with voltage - related triggering to start timing, to stop/pause timing or to select timing function

 - Precise adjustment by front - face operating elements

 - Screw connection technology or Easy Connect Technology available

 - Enclosure material for highest fire protection classification

 - Tool free mounting and demounting on DIN - rail

 - 2 C/O (SPDT) contacts

 - 22.5 mm (0.89 in) width 

 - 3 LEDs for status indication

คุณสมบัติ / Specifications

 - Supply Voltage 24 → 240 V ac/dc

 - Time Range 0.05 s → 300 h

 - Mode of Operation Accumulative ON Delay, Flash Start with OFF, Flash Start with ON, Impulse OFF with Auxiliary Voltage, Impulse ON, OFF Delay with Auxiliary Voltage, ON Delay, Pulse Former, Star Delta Changeover with Impulse, Symmetrical OFF Delay, Symmetrical ON Delay

 - Mounting Type DIN Rail, Snap

 - Number of Timer Functions Multi Function

 - Number of Contacts 2

 - Time Increment Hours, Seconds

 - Power Supply External

 - Contact Configuration DPDT

 - Current Maximum 4 A

 - Terminal Type Push In

 - Minimum Voltage 12 V

 - Maximum Voltage 300 V ac

 - Depth 113.4mm

 - Length 85.6mm

 - Time Delay <50 (Recovery) ms

 - Width 22.5mm

 - Contact Material Cadmium Free

 - Switch Configuration SPDT


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