ABB 1SVR730120R3300 OFF Delay Single Timer Relay 0.05s → 10min

ABB 1SVR730120R3300 OFF Delay Single Timer Relay 0.05s → 10min


(จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน)


ABB 1SVR730110R3300 CT-ERS.22S Time relay ON-delay


ABB 1SVR730180R3100 OFF Delay Single Timer Relay 0.05 s → 300h

ABB 1SVR730120R3300 OFF Delay Single Timer Relay 0.05s → 10min

ผู้ผลิต: ABB
รหัสสินค้า: 1SVR730120R3300
สถานะสต๊อก: จัดส่งถึงลูกค้าใน 5-10 วัน
ราคา 5,650.00 (THB)

รายละเอียดสินค้า / Product Details

CT-ARS Series Off Delay Timers

The CT-ARS is an electronic timer series from the CT-S range with true OFF - Delay. These models provide up to 7 time ranges and a continuous rated control voltage that enables worldwide use regardless of the supply voltage. All electronic timers from the CT-S range are available with two different terminal versions. You can choose between the proven screw connection technology (double - chamber cage connection terminals) and the completely tool - free Easy Connect Technology (push-in terminals). This is denoted by either a "P" or an "S" at the end of each manufacturer's part number within the series.

 - Rated control supply voltage 24 → 240 Vac/dc

 - OFF - Delay timer without auxiliary voltage

 - 7 time ranges selectable between 0.05 s → 10 min

 - Precise adjustment by front - face operating elements

 - Screw connection technology or Easy Connect Technology available

 - Enclosure material for highest fire protection classification

 - Tool - free mounting and demounting on DIN - rail 

 - 1 C/O (SPDT) contact

 - 22.5 mm (0.89 in) width

 - An LED for status indication

คุณสมบัติ / Specifications

 - Time Range 0.05 s → 10 min

 - Mode of Operation OFF Delay

 - Mounting Type DIN Rail

 - Number of Timer Functions Single

 - Number of Contacts 2

 - Time Increment Minutes, Seconds

 - Contact Configuration DPDT

 - Current Maximum 3.1 mA

 - Terminal Type Screw

 - Minimum Voltage 24 V ac/dc

 - Maximum Voltage 240 V ac/dc

 - Width 22.5mm

 - Depth 103.7mm

 - Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C

 - Length 85.6mm

 - Switch Configuration SPDT

 - Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C

 - Time Delay <50 ms

 - Contact Material Cadmium Free


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